Monica knew she had a calling on her life when she escaped a lifetime jail sentence at a very young age. Growing up in Southeast San Diego, she made many mistakes like most teenagers who lack proper guidance. She felt like the black sheep of her family, unloved and misunderstood. That void caused her to make poor decisions with no concern for the consequences. Eventually, she joined a gang and became a teen mother. Those two actions alone came with more reactions than she was mentally, emotionally, or financially prepared for. After several years she realized she had fallen into a repetitive cycle. Bad decisions, followed by unforeseen consequences, then risky actions to rectify the problems she’d created.

Eventually she said enough is enough! She was ready to change her life, especially when she saw her own children, despite her numerous warnings, wandering down the same path she did into teen pregnancy and gang affiliation. She needed to be a positive role model for her four daughters, and she refused to let the streets raise her children like they had raised her. She turned to God for help. She prayed tirelessly about what she could do to save girls and young women from ending up in a similar situation? How could she be a symbol, a light at the end of the tunnel? Could she be a safe haven for a young mothers, and girls suffering from low self-esteem, abandonment issues, and gang life? Fresh Soil Mentoring and Transition Center is Monica’s God dream. All her prayers have brought her to this point. She feels strongly that if she had a mentor she would’ve taken a different route, or at least saw the error of her ways much more quickly. In the time since Monica has started her program she has mentored several young women and counting! “The girls keep me grounded, and keep me motivated to do even more for the community I serve.  Mentoring has given me an outlet, and another chance to correct the mistakes I’ve made and maybe save lives. I’m very proud of the Woman I’ve become because of Fresh Soil.” Monica won The Community Change Award, a who woman activates and spearheads others through change initiatives and leads by fearless example.  She is often the voice crying in the wilderness, championing the cause of the poor, disenfranchised, disadvantage and often disillusioned. She springs into action and takes the lead in effecting a change. She is not on the sidelines cheering; she is in the forefront leading.  She is a humanitarian. She is a person with the determination and will power to stand up and be a leader and challenge the status quo.  She leads by example and through partnerships and is a strong influential voice for community.  She is able to effectively eliminate boundaries and break down barriers. She makes it her business to be knowledgeable and up-to-date on current issues and their relevance to the community that she serves. Our Vision Fresh Soil Mentoring® aspires to be a symbol of hope for at risk youth. Our Mission Our mission is to be a resource to inspire change in youth and young adults through mentoring and creating positive peer experiences. We offer the expertise of community leaders to teach our youth to improve their quality of life through a balance of coping techniques and positive reinforcement. We are dedicated to promoting trust and empowerment among youth, and building a strong foundation for the future of our society. Monica has been a MTS employee since 11/2000. She is certified in Community Mentor Creditable Messenger , Restorative Practice & running Circles Certified, Mental Health, (CSEC) Commercial Sexual Exploitations of a Child, on watch training Human Trafficking. Monica is also CPR & First Aid Certified as well as Certified Mandated Report. Monica won the Black Girl Rock award in 2017 and Excellence award at MTS in 2007.


Executive Administrative

CEO/Founder of Shoe Drive World Wide , Co-Founder of Fresh Soil Mentoring and Transitional Center, Certified in OnWatch Training & CSEC. Zaudity Service… Also sets up Non-Profits Organizations.


Outreach Coordinator (Volunteer)

Employed at International Airport 15 years, Member of the 4th district Recreational Council at Encanto Recreational Center for 25 yrs.  CPR & First Aid Certified.  She is the Secretary for San Diego Foster Association.




Certified License Daycare Provider


Board Member (Volunteer)

Gang Expert